The Generals Vs. The Silicon Valley Illuminati 1% VC’s

The Generals Vs. The Silicon Valley Illuminati VC’s

GENERALSThe Generals Vs. The Silicon Valley Illuminati VC’s

The Generals are, generally, Republican. The SVVC’s are, generally Democrats.

The SVVC’s think the Generals are “war mongering extremists”.

The General’s think the SVVC’s are “tree hugging billionaire arrogant prick control freaks”.

That was where the stand-off stood until the SVVC’s already massive ego’s got even more out of joint and they discovered lobbying and government contracts where they could now be political “Players”.

So the SVVC illuminati tech frat boys went to Washington and demanded their kickbacks and control of government policy.

That was where it got interesting.

The SVVC’s have private jets and billions and billions of dollars. They can only buy so many private jets and naked-girl pool parties so they had lots of disposable income. The Generals have to fight Congress for every dime but the Generals have the NSA.

So every SVVC now worries that every breath they take is now recorded, every jet has a microphone and all of their Tesla’s and Ferrarri’s are bugged. All their email is read even before they send it. One SVVC has even built a Faraday Cage room (An unbuggable room) in his house to try to be, you know, unbuggable. One Indian VC has built his own system to watch for bugging attempts.

In the most ironic turn of events, the newly released Der Spiegel report shows that the iPhone is the most easily hacked phone in the world via a process called “JEEPing”. So the very phone that every Silicon Valley VC carries and texts and calls on to make his insider deals and collusive market lock-offs, is the very phone that Silicon Valley created, and it can be hacked and monitored with “two clicks of a mouse on a JEEP system” according to The Register and Spiegel reporters. Weird Karma, or what?

So the war escalates.

But, Silicon Valley built all of the technology that the Generals use to bug them.
So now Silicon Valley is scrambling to remove all of the back-doors, taps, fiber
conduits and other buggables while doubling down on it’s Washington Lobby efforts. Late to the game, but very well funded, the SVVC’s provide a formidable challenge.

Where will it end? Generals have been around a long time and the SVVC’s are wet behind the ears. The Tech Lobby Surge is going to go gangbusters in 2014 but the generals are more exasperated than ever with the Frats.

Who is your money on?



Part of the problem is that the $100B that the Silicon Valley Venture Capital dudes got was $100B that the Generals didn’t get.

What the Generals DID get was a Sequester cut that gutted their budgets while the Silicon Valley Billionaires rolled around in “Hookers and Gin” with the cash that they planned on getting.

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The Generals and Silicon Valley are never going to get along. Case in point: This quote from another article on SOMO about the VC’s favorite thing: The TED Conferences, as discussion in the Guardian Newspaper in England:

“Does it imply that TED is “vacuous superficial celebratory self-indulgent ideological infomercial fluff for patriotic mythmaking for Silicon Valley elitists?”

“It seems that TED hires preening, vain, egotists with great used car salesman/cable tv news pundit speaking skills who espouse popcorn intellectualism but have little actual engineering background who deliver bite sized tidbits of information, with no actual depth, to the lowest common denominator of wide eyed UFO enthusiasts and hipsters.”

“Charismatic intellectual gurus wrapped in TED showmanship and glitz cause cults full of Kool Aid drinkers to buy into their crap-peddling in order to get in the VC frat funding club. Utopian fake intellectualism is the vat of poo that Silicon Valley Vc’s revel in because the rest of society thinks they are such arrogant weasels.”

The writer seems to say that TED is a “festival of self-importance. A waterfall of ego and a back-patting extravaganza of the loud and self-centered telling the masses how much louder and more important they are than the attendees. To talk at TED you have to hire a ghost-writer to write you a book about some amorphous topic that sounds important in a one sentence description but accomplishes nothing nor instructs anyone how to do anything tangible that will have visible non-commercial results outside of pumping a stock portfolio.”

Can you imagine any Pentagon official going along with that kind of crowd? Oil and Water.


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“This matter has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you like solar power or electric cars or gasoline or fracking or one technology over another.

It is entirely about organized crime racketeering kickbacks arranged by arrogant frat-boy billionaires who sought to buy government, buy power, buy ego-trips, kill competitors and monopolize industries for personal gain in exchange for campaign efforts.”

– A U.S. Senate Source


The Democrats needed cash for the campaign. Democrats are always poor, so they never have enough money. The campaign staff went to the Silicon Valley Vc’s and said that if they paid for the campaign costs up front and rigged the search engines to only promote the Democrat candidates, then the campaign would give them $100 Billion of tax money that they would not have otherwise gotten, once the Democrats had control of the DOE slush fund. So they did, but they got caught by their greed, and now they need to go to federal prison.

It’s as simple as that!

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