Tesla hiding reports of multiple defects of Tesla Cars?!

Tesla hiding reports of multiple defects of Tesla Cars?!

George Clooney Rips Tesla: ‘Why Am I Always Stuck On The Side Of The Fucking Road?’

HUFFINGTON POST- Via Reuters “DETROIT, Nov 12 (Reuters) – Tesla Motors Inc got more bad news this week following the third fire in its Model S electric sedan as actor George Clooney complained about being stuck on the side of the road in the Roadster sports car he used to own. Clooney, currently starring in the movie “Gravity”, was asked by Esquire magazine in an interview that was posted online on Monday whether he owned a Tesla car.

“I had a Tesla,” Clooney told the magazine. “I was one of the first cats with a Tesla. I think I was, like, No. 5 on the list. But I’m telling you, I’ve been on the side of the road a while in that thing, and I said to them, ‘Look, guys, why am I always stuck on the side of the fucking road? Make it work, one way or another.”


Tesla turns out to be bad for the environment AND bad for health:




Life With Tesla Model S: Even After Update, Vampire Draw Remains

By David Noland   Nov 25, 2013

The Tesla Model S, for all its technical and design artistry, has a dirty little secret: the car has a substantial appetite for kilowatt-hours even when turned off and parked. MORE…



Lithium Ion goes boom when it gets wet, poked, charged, used or pretty much gets unhappy for no apparent reason. All those car hulks, below, lined up next to each other are lithium ion electric piles of burned up $100K, per pile, cars, Nice huh? They are going to great lengths to cover that fact up:

LITHIUM_ion_FIRE_ELECTRIC_CTCRASHTESfir2smokeytesfire22(Notice the surgeon who owned it. Most of these guys are Swingin’ D Rich Guy Male Doctors)


Those images above show many different lithium ion electric car fires. Why is this being covered up? By whom? So far, most Tesla’s have been acquired by Tesla Fan Boys and their own investors to pump up the numbers. This has prevented a number of “thermal events” from getting reported.

WHAT!!!? You don’t think that’s enough burning Tesla’s? Well here’s some more, the next one is from Boston:




Not enough burning Tesla’s?

Stand by…




Tell The U.S. Government to order Tesla to remove all Lithium Ion chemicals from it’s cars! Is someone telling the NTSB not to do their job? Who?



You can read a number of postings online about the continual failure of the Tesla electronic door handles and door locks. How might fire increase these failure-to-unlock issues. Is it possible your own Tesla could lock you, and your family, INSIDE the car when it catches fire? How was this tested in the safety tests, or was it even tested?

The Tesla Defects seem to be multiplying.

Roberta- (A Mother)


Lithium ion = Bad Stuff

Notice that in the following movie, the lithium ion battery like Tesla uses starts exploding just when the insides are exposed to air and ALSO when it gets wet:


Obama Subsidized Electric Car Company Tesla Investigated for Fires
November 22, 2013 By Daniel Greenfield

Tesla has some big problems. This month it posted a loss of $38 million and its shares fell 16%. On top of that, it’s got battery issues.The company, which got $465 million from Obama, makes electric cars which depend on wiring together 7,000 laptop batteries together. This is just as clumsy and unwieldy as a solution as it sounds. For one thing, laptop batteries are expensive. And it’s a clunky solution. MORE>>>


Another Tesla Movie

So you think: “OK, I would never drive my Tesla over any metal or bumpy roads so I never need to worry about that”, Well, that’s what this Tesla driver thought:

Watch the left side of the screen along the meridian wall. You can recognize the Tesla by the round open mouth grill.


No matter what kind of a persnickety, self-centered, rich douche-kinda guy you are: Your Tesla is eventually going to hit a pot-hole, bottom-out or hit some crap in the road and then: fire and toxic smoke!


SHOCKER EXCLUSIVE!!!!! Tesla “battery supply” problem -NOT. Battery explosion problem- YES.

“The napalm-like lava that is burning lithium-ion, combined with burning Tesla plastic, can eat through your entire face in about 2.5 seconds and it is nearly impossible to extinguish. This is not good stuff. They tried it on pig-corpses, ugly results.

There are over 1000 different ways to store electricity. Lithium ion is the worst. The faster a car goes, the more likely it is to crash and to flip over in a crash. Tesla is the fastest car so it will crash more and flip over more. People that drive Tesla’s are, generally, arrogant yuppie males with ego issues who want to go fast and show off. That makes crashes even more likely. While you are driving around on a carpet of deadly lithium ion, buried in the floorboards of the Tesla at your feet, and the car suddenly flips over, you are now trapped under a ceiling of burning lithium ion that firefighters can’t extinguish and your face burns off. This is like flouridation of water controversy; this chemical was specified because a certain group is making money off of this chemical. Over time, each battery has a higher and higher chance of “going off” because the charging demands of a car combined with the degradation offset of a single lithium ion battery is high in normal circumstances. Tesla uses them in extreme circumstances. They were never built for cars. You are not going to see less Tesla fires, you are going to see more. Tesla has dense-packed 6800 lithium ion packs in a closed metal box under your seat. That is 6800 chances of having your face burned off and 6800 chances of getting rained on with burning lithium ion and plastic, gassed out and burned up by the Tesla. I don’t like the odds. Look at some of these pictures on this site, it even melts the metal.

teslar2The people that are telling you “Lithium Ion is just a lovely thing, don’t worry about all of those scare stories” have a financial investment in batteries using this chemical. Almost all of them have worked for, invested in or been hired by the people that make money off it. The form factor Tesla uses is a common 18650 battery you can buy on Amazon and Ebay so Tesla is not telling the truth about “having a battery supply problem” in their latest financial reports. They are having a battery blow-up problem. Suppliers won’t sell them any batteries because they know Tesla abuses the batteries in the way they deploy them in cars and they don’t want to get sued too, along with the lawsuits that are coming after Tesla.  These batteries were never intended to be used in cars. All this has been known for decades. If the “biggest electric car funding effort in history” hired the “greatest technical review team ever created”,  how did this get by? Why didn’t the reviewers mention this for Tesla’s ‘loan’?  This is not new technical information!”

Dr. Lee- USGA

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Does Driving a Tesla cause Rectal vibration and Anal itching?

Possibly the most impressive Tesla warning, from Europe:
“Pruritis Anni” is the medical name now given to this affliction.

“The high speed hum and vibration from the particular motor and chassis combination that Tesla uses, has some drivers, and passengers, complaining of Rectal Itching. Lots of signs or symptoms contain anal itch and inflammation. You can even recognize that there is certainly hemorrhage, specifically after having a movement. It can be distressing if you have A BM, in addition, there may be blood from the a stool or on the tissue. If you own or ride in a Tesla frequently, and possibly notice any kind of rectal lumps as well as bleeding, you should visit a doctor. Using this method, you can receive the best solutions.” (Translated from Spanish)

Anton -D



$100,000 on wheels, or why did I cancel my Tesla car reservation

“This is going to be a long one, unlike my other blogs. Feel free to post a reply. I’m eager to hear opinions that support or oppose mine… Read more:

(Picture Above: The scarecrow was RIGHT to be afraid of the fire and MUSK DID just turn out to be some carny who just waved flashy things at us but was a shyster underneath it all after all.)


….8. Hole in the tank. This is one particular problem with Tesla MS that is widely recognized, admitted by Tesla and not fixed as the date of this publication. If you leave your Tesla MS unplugged it will lose about 0.5 miles of range per hour. At this rate it will take about 10-15 days for a fully charged battery to drain completely. So if you leave your fully charged Tesla at the airport for a week or two while on vacation or business trip you may not be able to ride your Tesla home upon your return. This is equivalent to a hole in the tank for the conventional gas powered car. If the car is plugged-in than it compensates for such loss by “sucking” approx. 150 Watts of electric power all the time. It is equivalent to to the energy needed to lit an average 3,000 sq.f. house with the new LED energy saving lights….

10. Dubious business practices. Larry Page announced that Google will be “no evil” company. Well no business is evil by design. They become “evil” driven by competition. Google has practically no competition and they can afford to be “no evil”. Same applies to Tesla Motors. They are well funded and they have no competition, they can afford to be “no evil”. Instead Tesla is pulling all nasty tricks known in the industry and more. It was quick to abandon the most controversial ones such as calculating people’s time in their lease cost estimate and eliminating the $600 per year mandatory service charge. Many still remain. One example are the useless and expensive option packages (see above) another example they charge $5,000 reservation fee in a second. They claim the fee is fully refundable. What they don’t tell you is that it takes 30 business days to refund it.READ MORE:




Tesla really needs to change their whole “douche bag” image. They market the car, almost exclusively, to rich, arrogant males. ie: one of many memes flying around:

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Tesla shares slip more on reports of third fire, other car problems

By Jerry Hirsch- LA Times

November 7, 2013

By Jerry HirschNovember 7, 2013, 8:39 a.m.

Tesla Motors shares continued to fall Thursday as the automaker confirmed a third fire in one of its high-end electric cars and a major auto reviewer pointed out problems with its Model S luxury hatchback.

The 9%, or $13.40, decline in mid-morning trading to $137.76 followed a 15% plunge in the shares Wednesday after the automaker said limited supplies of batteries were hampering sales and that it was spending heavily on research and development to design new models. Tesla shares have been on a run for most of the year, rising about 400% before this reversal.

Car shopping website Edmunds.com said its 2013 Model S was “making an ominous noise under acceleration and deceleration. It originates from the rear of the car and seems to be getting worse.”

It is a complaint that’s also starting to show up on Tesla’s owners forum, an online discussion group hosted by the automaker for drivers of its cars.

“Mine had that and it got bad at 70 mph,” said one owner, posting under the “mortgagebruce” moniker.

He said Tesla had to replace the drive unit twice to fix the problem.

Tesla also replaced the drive unit on the Edmunds car, but declined to tell the company what caused the problem. It also replaced the driver door mechanism because of another problem. The car has just less than 11,000 miles on the road.

“We’re not sure what to think about the fact that both of these repairs were completed with just one overnight stay,” said Mike Schmidt, Edmunds’ vehicle testing manager. “Maybe the dealer is really on the ball. Maybe the supply chain is short. Or maybe the parts are readily available because they’ve seen these before.”

LITHIUM_ION_EXPLODE2Tesla spokeswoman Liz Jarvis Shean said she was not familiar with the Edmunds complaint.

Meanwhile, another Model S electric car caught fire Wednesday near Smyrna, Tenn., following a crash. This was the third Model S to have caught fire in the last five weeks. One burned near Seattle and another in Mexico. Both cars were in crashes and the fires injured no one.

Normally, car fires are not significant events that influence investors. There are about 150,000 annually, according to the National Fire Protection Assn. However, safety officials have been tracking fires in electric cars, as well as computers and other equipment, out of concern that the lithium-ion battery systems might be fire-prone.

Earlier this year, federal regulators grounded Boeing 787 planes for four months after batteries on two planes overheated, with one catching on fire. Boeing later ordered modifications to the jets to increase ventilation and insulation near the batteries, but the company and investigators never determined the root cause of the overheating.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reviewed the Tesla fire in Seattle and concluded it was caused by the accident rather than a vehicle defect.

Tesla said it contacted the driver of the car in Tennessee and noted he was not injured and “believes the car saved his life. Our team is on its way to Tennessee to learn more about what happened in the accident.”

“The problem is that we have three fires in six weeks,” said Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, the car information company. “For a company with a stock price based as much or more on image than financials, those recurring headlines are highly damaging.”

The Palo Alto automaker said Tuesday it posted a loss of $38.5 million, or 32 cents per share, in the third quarter. That compares to a loss of $110.8 million, or $1.05 per share, in the same period a year earlier.  Now that it is delivering cars, revenue grew to $431 million from just $50.1 million a year earlier.





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