Tesla Breaks Automotive History Record for Wasted Money, It’s Official

Never in automotive history, in the recorded history of the world, has a car company spent so much money over such a long period of time to only sell so few cars!

Only Tesla rich Frat boy Stanford yuppie school-chums and Tesla’s own investors are buying the cars and that stream has now run dry.

The few thousand cars Tesla has sold to it’s insiders is so nothing, so small, so insignificant that Honda and GM executives refer to a low meeting turn-out as “pulling a Tesla”.

Tesla still has a few hundred million dollars left to keep buying it’s own cars from itself on behalf of its investors in order to fake-up sales but the trick is becoming transparent.

Elon Musk spends all of his money on hype and PR to cover the dirty reality. Pull back the shiny façade and you find a nasty set of truths.

This is a car company that has admitted that it was over $100,000.00 OFF on the calculation of the BOM of their car!!!!

The warrants that Tesla’s insider friends inside DOE gave Tesla instead of cutting them off like Fisker, like they should have done, is a crime.

People are ashamed to drive a Tesla so only as many Tesla’s have been sold in TEN YEARS as Toyota sells in A WEEK!

– Roger Bumbperly