Scott – 1969 Various Publications 1969 +, Published Writer

Author: Feature article series for Super-8 Filmmaker magazine. Author: Glitter City, script, a feature film musical. Cartoonist, Contributing Editor: The Reel Thing, a professional media journal. Contributing Writer: City paper, Baldwinsville, N.Y. Book reviews, cartoons, general interest stories. Background article briefing author for senior reporters.


Scott – 1973 – Research & Writing- 1973 – Writing Awards

Scott wins First AND Second place prize in regional law enforcement dissertation contest


Scott – 1977
Founder – Clever Industies
1977 – Clever Industries Development Group

1977 Clever Industries holding company founded

Scott – 1979
World’s Biggest Light Concert1979 –
LIGHTS – Lumiascape multi-million viewer even

Scott Douglas Redmond Produced a large number of major urban electro-optical programs for millions of live and webcast participants. These programs set many event and technical records for “firsts”. Scott directed, designed, developed and engineered these presentations. His ‘LUMIASCAPE’ series of major public light-events set numerous records for “firsts” and scale-of-deployment. His light events included lasers, pyrotechnics and custom-built searchlight and xenon systems. “LIGHTS1” was, as far as anyone has seen, the first urban simulcast light concert viewed by over one million people. The City of San Francisco gave him total control of the entire mountain-top in the middle of San Francisco. The Mayor gave him a proclimation for the project. He received one of the first public laser licenses from the FDA and was the first person to ever write on the mountain, known as Twin Peaks, with a laser beam. He was the Laserist for the San Francisco Symphony Pops Concerts and was conducted by John Williams for the Star Wars concert. One New Year’s eve he lit City Hall red (Another first-time-ever) and fired beam projectors from the apex. He was the first person to light Coit Tower with xenon searchlights. He produced the lighting of the Palace of Fine Arts that convinced the City of San Francisco to make the lighting a permanent feature of that historical architectural wonder. He provided solid lighting effects for a number of stage shows. His productions included: LIGHTS; The Royal Fireworks For Queen Elizabeth, The Palace Of Fine Arts Lighting; The Cow Palace Stage Extravaganza and more…

Scott – 1980
Electric Cars Projects
1980 – Scott’s Electric Car

Scott coverts VW to electric car

Jan 1980+
VR Inventor Of Seminal VR Systems
1980+ – Government Awarded Inventor Of VR Systems

Mark Zuckerberg was pooping in his diapers and had no idea what ‘VR’ or ‘Metaverse‘s’ even meant. Meanwhile Scott was awarded many federal patents as inventor of VR and VR glasses. (FYI – Jaron only invented a glove)


Scott -Bank Robbery Hostage
The 80’s – An Unfortunate Day At Bank Of America

Scott is held hostage at San Francisco Bank of America, in Glen Park neighborhood, during armed robbery and assists police.

Scott – 1981
BTB Footstock Mega Event
1981+, Producer – Super Concerts

Scott Douglas Redmond was the Founding Producer For The Bay To Breaker Footstock festivals and concerts. Footstock was a 200,000+ person rapid-built city, concert and public event like Woodstock. Scott produced it for over a decade on 2.5 million square feet of space in San Francisco. Stage acts included: Ray Charles (in his last outdoor super concert), Tower of Power, Robin Williams and more. Scott had to erect a portable city that had all of the resources for up to 200,000 people (Power, water, security, sanitation, staffing, operations, food & water distribution, promotional distribution, booth operations, staging, clean-up, structures, etc.) in 7 days, operate it for one day and then make it all disappear, like it was never there, in 48 hours. The entire race was “the largest race in the world” for a number of years. Scott Douglas Redmond produced Ooe of Ray Charles Last Outdoor Concerts here. It was presented for 200,000+ live audience members in the San Francisco Polo Fields.

History – 1984
Zuck Is Born
1984 – Zuckerberg Gets Squirted Out

Mark Zuckerberg is pooping in his diaper while Scott had already built and deployed social media networks and virtual reality glasses, Metaverses and other things that ole Zuck swiped (as proven in email leaks).

Scott – 1990
Virtual Reality invention patent
1990 – Federal patent awarded as first-to-invent

Federal patent awarded as first-to-invent full VR system and VR glasses

Scott 1993
Virtual Reality invention patent
1993 – Federal patent awarded as first-to-invent

Federal patent awarded as first-to-invent

History – 1994
Amazon History1994 – Amazon Founded

Bald guy figures out way to spy on everyone using cheap products

Scott – 1995
Virtual Reality invention patent1995 – Federal patent awarded as first-to-invent

Federal patent awarded as first-to-invent

Scott – 1996
First Global Video 1996 – Web Video Patents Awarded

Before YouTube, Hulu, Vudu, Netflix Streaming, Sony VUE, Napster, Bittorrent or Kontiki existed, Scott had already delivered Clickmovie.com. Clickmovie did everything that those later competitors did before any of them even existed. Scott Douglas Redmond received multiple US patents confirming him as first-to-invent and deliver web video-on-demand. Scott Douglas Redmond designed, built and patented some of the first video-on-demand hardware devices. He was the first person to present internet video-on-demand to a full Sony Pictures international Board Meeting and his work-group is featured in Sony Pictures patent filings. Scott’s patent filings and NDA’s show that he designed, engineered, patent filed and produced the touch-screen, MP3 cell phone before Steve Jobs and Apple did and before any internal communications at Apple discuss the “iPhone”. The patent office has credited Scott as the first to invent chunks/torrents/bits as a web media broadcast method. Scott Douglas Redmond designed, built and patented some of the first video-on-demand hardware devices. Scott Douglas Redmond designed, built and patented some of the first video-on-demand hardware devices.

History – 1998
Google Started1998 – The Web Becomes Evil

Sergey and Larry are at Stanford doing dope and abusing freshmen while playing in Susan’s garage. Rajeev Motwani, suggests they make a spy-on-the-public surveillance system based on Scott’s already existing Unifree ™ engine and website and his TechMate ™ Company. Rajeev Motwani was later found floating, dead, in his Silicon Valley swimming pool. Maybe he knew too much? Gary D. Conley said “Google bosses threatened him”. Check out the news on Gary…

History – 1998
Rare Earth Crimes1998 – Rare Earth Mines Lead To Overseas Hell

A 1998 memo written by al-Qaida military chief Mohammed Atef reveals that Osama bin Laden’s group had detailed knowledge of negotiations that were taking place between Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban and American government and business leaders over plans for a U.S. oil and gas pipeline across that Central Asian country. The e-mail memo was found in 1998 on a computer seized by the FBI during its investigation into the 1998 African embassy bombings, which were sponsored by al-Qaida. Atef’s memo was discovered by FBI counter-terrorism expert John O’Neill, who left the bureau in 2001, complaining that U.S. oil interests were hindering his investigation into al-Qaida. O’Neill, who became security chief at the World Trade Center, died in the Sept. 11 attack. This led to the Afghan mining corruption for electric car minerals.

History – 2001
The Day2001 – September 11

September 11, 2001, For 50 minutes, from 8:15 AM until 9:05 AM, with it widely known within the FAA and the military that four planes have been simultaneously hijacked and taken off course, no one notifies the President of the United States. It is not until 9:30 that any Air Force planes are scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling aircraft, even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had occurred, an event that has never happened in history. [Sources: CNN, ABC, MS-NBC, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times.] Afghanistan at that time was targeted for rare earth mining by Big Tech oligarchs. 2 of Scott’s business associates were in the planes and one was in the towers, including Daniel M. Lewin, Co-Founder and CTO of Akamai who had been in partnership discussions with Scott for Scott’s video patents.

History – 2005
Amazon History2005 – Amazon Creeps Bigger

Bald guy figures out way to drive to your house and spy on you without you noticing by dangling food at you

Scott – 2005
Congressional Iraq War Bill Award2005 – Federal Contract

Scott and his team were awarded a Congressionally mandated multi million dollar-value contract in the Iraq War. He produced vehicle systems, energy production and storage technologies created by Scott Douglas Redmond. Scott won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants and broke energy storage records. Scott’s projects have rebuilt or ground-up constructed numerous vehicles. He was awarded the seminal patents for solid-state fuel cell energy storage and distribution for Honda, Toyota, KIA and BMW fuel cell cars. He was awarded Congressional funding in the Iraq War Bill to help build America’s next-generation energy system. Scott’s vehicles had the highest calculated fuel efficiency in the world, the lowest cost-to- manufacture, the lowest selling price, the most attractive debt-ratio, the highest safety factor, the most hires of laid off Detroit factory workers and executives and the biggest volume of sales order requests! His vehicle and energy companies were financed by himself, the federal government, Autodesk and other major partners. Government labs evaluated Scott’s technologies and wrote technical white papers confirming that they beat all other alternative energy storage technologies on over 50 metric comparisons. Scott Douglas Redmond and his Team designed and built numerous pressure-membrane air structures for aerospace and vehicular uses.

Scott – 2005
The EV For Everyone2005 – The Ultmate Electric Car

The U.S. Department of Energy, via a Congressional order in the Federal Register, Contracts Scott and his Team to design the electric car that beats every other EV on price, safety, range, no offshore dependency, and all other metrics. He does it, but Tesla, the Senators that own Tesla (Yes, politicians own the companies they are in charge of regulating but THE STOCK ACT, in Congress, will fix that) and Detroit go nuts with anti-trust law violations because his car obsoletes their CAR-tel monopoly. He contracts most of the Detroit car builders and NASA engineers that got laid off in the down-turn.

History – 2007
Amazon History2007 – Amazon Whole Foods

Amazon buys Whole Foods and workers and public get nothing out of it except: “screwed” and spied on re: their buying habits

Scott – 2020
Energy Dept Anti-Corruption2020 – Federal Anti-Corruption Lawsuit Won

Scott and his associates sued the Dept of Energy for corruption, cronyism and insider trading scams. This first-of-its-kind action got the Secretay of Energy and the Attorney General fired, created a huge number of federal investigations, documented all of the crooked politicians in global media, created new anti-corruption laws and won Scott a Federal Remand award.

Scott – 2-22-22
Scott Files… – 2-22-22

Scott files a group of the largest anti-corruption lawsuits ever produced….


The Whole Timeline

Scott – 2023

…one thing in orbit, one thing on servers across Europe and many things in encrypted files on reporters desks… and a new kind of broadcasting technology… STAY TUNED…