Fighting The Silicon Valley Manipulation Of Washington DC

The victims in this case were damaged by their work for, and whistle-blowing about, criminally corrupt government officials

They were assisting federal investigators with a criminal investigation of federal and state officials.

That on-going investigation has resulted in arrests, new laws, federal executive terminations and federal indictments of some of those officials

The history of the issues behind this case, from the past, are fully relevant to the issues of the matter today. It is not ethically possible for government officials to refuse to hear all of the facts. It is not morally right for government officials, who are supposed to solve the problem, to selectively try to piece-meal parts of this in order to avoid political embarrassment.

As federal whistle-blowers and crime victims of a felony crime, the victims have been subjected to political dirty tricks reprisals using taxpayer funded government agency resources. Political dirty tricks services like Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Gizmodo, In-Q-Tel, etc. are in the news headlines regularly because of what they do to citizens like the victims when those kill-services are hired by corrupt Senators and White House staff.

These reprisals are operated by a small, but extremist, handful of government officials because the victims are federal witnesses in an ongoing active major law enforcement investigation involving the political and stock market assets of the associates of those officials. The fact that screwball politicians engage in dirty tricks ops with government agencies is in the headlines of the news every single day! This can no longer be called conspiracy theory because it is now forensic fact!

Those officials are now known to have manipulated government benefits and payments process in reprisal for reporting their crimes.

In one instance, in a 2008 filing, the government responded that a Victim was qualified to receive their rights but ‘not yet’. History and legal records have proven that assessment to have been 100% wrong relative to duration and to be politically biased in reprisal for whistle-blowing and, over a decade later, that victim is still waiting.

The victims are government whistle-blowers and crime victims in the largest organized crime case in America!

The victims have won White House, Congressional and Mayoral proclamations and commendations for their service; yet, by their hand, the Feds have prevented them from being able to afford housing, or any life more than a Nigerian refugee might expect, since 2008, because their benefits were blockaded as political reprisal.

By blockading their benefit rights, VA and SSA caused them to go from living in their own 2 bedroom house to living in a car. SSA’s blockade of their benefits in political reprisal took their lives away.

Some of the victims filed and won one of the largest federal U.S. Court Of Claims citizen lawsuits in history proving that corrupt insiders were manipulating federal agencies to cut off their funding in reprisal. There are front page news stories about it in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Major TV shows, etc.

Their case set historical legal precedents that created many federal court firsts and new legal standards. There should be no question in the mind of any court about the fact that these government agency attacks on these victims did occur and were illegally operated as political reprisals. The Courts, the FBI, Congress and extensive investigations have proven these assertions as indisputable fact. Even though they won their historical lawsuit, the victims still never got any compensation aside from knowing they exposed the crime.

Part of that evidence proof is on display at the url: and in the video documentaries provided therein. Millions of citizens have viewed that site and these videos on network TV.

The competing companies to the businesses of these victims are owned by famous U.S. Senators who want the victim’s past technologies out of business because those technologies obsolete their insider trading schemes in the companies they own the stocks of. Their actions are a violation of anti-trust and RICO laws.

In one case, a San Mateo SSA staffer exemplifies the latest in the political ruckus associated with SSA staff bias which the Inspector General and private investigator records now prove to be endemic. SSA Staffer ‘M’ and his staff were provided with extensive and complete documentation to prove that there was no benefits issue and that a victim was a protected whistle-blower and crime victim. The victim received political and personal threats, bias, racism and abuse from SSA staffer ‘M’ (which was recorded by multiple parties) for personal political reasons, that ‘M’ had, because one of victim’s former lawyer’s is now The White House lawyer for the United States Of America at the Oval Office in Washington, DC. SSA staffer ‘M’ hates this person for personal political reason’s and decided that anybody who knows him must suffer.

SSA staffer ‘M’ engaged in felony abuse of federal agency resources for political and personal reasons and the whistle-blower victim has demand damages compensation for ‘M’’s actions, his threats, his abuse and for creating an unsafe environment in a government office.

Most of the government officials working on this and related cases were hand-picked by the victim’s business and political adversaries, for stone-walling and obfuscation purposes, to cover up the Afghan and Congo ‘Rare Earth’ metals mining scams that this investigation exposed and that many of those officials profiteered on. Web searching the term: “trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan”, will explain the multi-trillion dollar mining scam crimes quite well.

The victim’s cases have never been fairly reviewed by non-biased, non-conflicted officials. The victim’s FBI-class investigators and peers have not found a single entity in the government’s case reviews, or determinations, who was not either: financed by, friends with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, making profits by consulting for, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; one of those business adversaries, or the Senators and politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political search engine manipulation services to. FBI and CIA-class Forensic data proves it.

The victims have demanded, in writing to SSA, DOJ, OSC, SEC, FBI, that an unbiased lawyer and CPA be provided by The State for the case but none has been provided. As they are now low-income, senior, disabled, felony crime victims, the federal government’s LSC Corporation and public-interest law groups have stated that it is their right to receive such case assistance from The State. The victims have contacted NOSSCR, LSC, Legal Aid, People With Disabilities Foundation, NADR, and all known local resources on the list provided by SSA but none of those have been responsive to complex, low-income, case work such as this matter and the rest of them had a conflict-of-interest with third parties.

The assertions provided by a Task Force team of 3 letter agency folks, Congressional staff, investigative reporters and crowd-sourced voters supporting the case investigations are beyond reproach, and true, unless someone refuses to hear the truth due to a personal political agenda.

The victim’s SSA-promised benefits have STILL yet to be provided to them and many of the actions by politically conflicted SSA officials, so far, have succeeded in making me either homeless or destitute by constantly reducing their sole source of income in reprisal for the support of successful organized crime interdiction’s involving political bribes. The peers of the victims have received millions and millions of dollars for their Department of Energy whistle-blowing and but this group has received nothing because their case affects the most famous politicians in modern history!

SSA Falls Church Main Office senior Judge special reviews have double confirmed, in duplicate written rulings and phone conversations, that the victims are fully justified to receive their benefits but constant political tricks are undertaken by other government officials to keep the money from actually getting to the victims. Why would officials do that? To punish the victim’s in political reprisal and to stall victim’s from being able to afford a lawyer in order to sue again. Victim’s, having buddies in the CIA and FBI, have been forced to shame and dox the dirty politicians instead, until their rights are provided.

These abuses and benefits blockades are a violation of the victims human rights, U.S. Constitution and State Constitutional rights. (Yes, each State has constitutional rights you get, too)

The victims put their lives on the line for their country. They have worked 60 hours, or more, per week, since the 70’s. They more than earned their full benefits plus damages, interest and back-fees equal to precedents set in the referenced whistle-blower court cases, below.

Aside from battlefield veterans, few Applicant’s have ever sat before any Court with as many qualifying metrics to receive their benifits and who then had to go through as much abuse and political reprisal to try and get those earned benefits. White House, DOJ, Ombudsmen, Law 360 and most expert groups have stated that the victim’s should be receiving tens of millions of dollars in compensatory damages, whistle-blower fees, losses and other costs, as each of their peers has already received.

The victims are fully qualified for, and have the right to receive, a State supplied law firm to represent them but they have been blockaded from their rights because corrupt political figures are embarrassed about their crimes being exposed.

Elected officials and agency staff have one job, that job it is to work for THESE VICTIMS the citizens. Those politicians, though, have been shown to have millions of dollars in their stock market accounts from competing with these victims.

One of their Senators has over $100 million dollars in their accounts, a fact the FBI can confirm, from stock market manipulations like this. Politically driven, and greed motivated, agency staff are constantly looking for any little opportunity or reason to use agency resources to harm any whistle-blower in reprisal for the success of the anti-corruption task forces they have assisted.

Federal officials stealth-hired Google, Gawker, Gizmodo, YouTube, In-Q-Tel, Fusion GPS and Black Cube to produce tens of millions of dollars of political reprisal media attacks and coordinate toxic exposures against the victims. The attacks have been proven by federal and private investigators to have happened, The source of the attacks, the financiers of the attacks, the beneficiaries of the attacks and the operators of the attacks are the same handful of government people.

The victims are seeking an analytical, objective, reasonable, non-political review of their case. Unlike Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and other whistle-blowers, not only did they do nothing illegal but they are law enforcement and intelligence service consultant who HELP the nation! They are Smedley Butler-like and not Edward Snowden-like!

In the last 60 hours, the crooked backers of corruption have lost over $300 billion dollars in stock market failures after profiting in over $100 TRILLION dollars of stock market profits. People who move that much money around will have people killed, bribe politicians and manipulate government agencies with impunity. It is foolish for any party to ignore the capacity for crime that the Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein (ie: his threat to have Jennifer Aniston killed for reporting his sex crimes) and Larry Page oligarchs get involved in, along with the Senators they own and control.

The nature of the core crime case is profound in that it was driven by White House staff and United States Senators, who ordered attacks on the victims in reprisal. These famous political figures use the trillions of dollars in government treasuries and massive stock market scams for illicit profiteering by rigging the system exclusively for themselves and their crony insiders. They attacked the victims using government taxpayer funded media (Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Google/YouTube/Alphabet, Pysops, Gizmodo Media, Media Matters, Blumenthal, etc.) and spy agency tools because the victims competed with their businesses and reported their crimes. This month the news headlines reveal that San Francisco Bay Area government has as many corrupt politicians as Chicago and relies on the same RICO-violating insider corruption network to operate; as proven by deep AI searches of their financial records. Arrests of those officials are now underway.

Silicon Valley law enforcement records prove that the tech oligarchs that finance these political figures, engage in an organized, racketeering-based, massive sex trafficking, tax evasion, anti-trust violating, spousal abuse, money laundering, black-listing, racist, ageist, political bribery, crony racketeering crime Cartel. The Famous U.S. Senators, Governors and their staff knowingly engage in, finance, operate and benefit from these crimes in exchange for search engine manipulation and stock market insider trading.

The Google, Facebook and Twitter components of this Cartel censor and cover-up news coverage of these crimes, and attacked the victims, because they have a financial connection to the perpetrators.

All of the crooks have had their files hacked. The evidence is out there at the NSA, FBI, etc. Even hackers from Russia and China have copies of the incriminating data. The bad guys will eventually lose!

It is unlikely that any whistle-blowers have as productive a domestic resume, as many letters of reference from famous third-parties and as much proof-of-work as these victims have proven in their evidence sets. The victims have been friends with, and shared homes with, multiple White House and Senate staff and family members and some them have even vouched for the victims

The victims are bi-partisan and not affiliated with any political party but they hate political corruption and have the connections to fight it when it affects them and America. Pictures and videos of famous political figures hugging them and meeting with them abound.

In a positive turn of events Whistle-blower Walter Tamosaitis” (easily found on web searches) who was also a Department of Energy Whistle-blower, got a rare victory. Walter got $4.1 MILLION DOLLARS for his whistle-blower work about the Department of Energy malfeasance.

The rest of the victims have gotten nothing but punishing benefits blockades and benefit reductions that guaranteed they would never be able to afford rent, going to a show or a restaurant, legal services or anything else in their lives! One of the people they helped get arrested sits around and drinks and collects over $150,000.00 per year in government benefits…and they are an arrested crook. The victims are having a hard time seeing how they have been treated fairly in light of their deeply documented public service!

SSA was weaponized as a political reprisal tools against the victims. James Brown, Jr, the HHS California head of Obamacare was arrested by the FBI for political corruption and racketeering during this. In Marin county HHS investigators were also arrested for sex crime. These tiny victories do not pay the rent for the victims, though.

Some of the victims were awarded a Congressional commendation award in the Iraq War Bill under the United States Congress. They, and their team were to build America’s alternative energy back-up plan for the nation under the Department of Energy. They fully executed their federal agreement and did not go bankrupt, embezzle funds, bribe California politicians or get FBI- raided like their competitor: Solyndra!

Shortly thereafter they became federal witnesses in a national embezzlement matter involving famous California and Washington DC politicians and over a 900 billion dollars of energy industry manipulations in the stock market. Part of this matter was featured on CBS News 60 Minutes investigative news segments. (ie: the segments: “THE CLEANTECH CRASH”, “CONGRESS TRADING ON INSIDER INFORMATION“, “THE LOBBYISTS PLAYBOOK” and investigations into hundreds of billions of dollars of stock market payola illicitly routed through Silicon Valley tech companies). If the White House, at that time, had been charged for these stock market campaign payola crimes, The President would have been forced out of office. Instead, the AG, Eric Holder, was impeached/Held-In-Contempt-Of Congress and he had to leave office.

This is why the attacks on the victims have been so spy agency oriented and high-end: To punish them for helping law enforcement and because the victims accidentally competed with Senator’s stock market schemes by making their products obsolete. There are now thousands of news and Congressional reports; from “Spygate”, to The IRS Lois Lerrner case to the FBI McCabe case and a vast number of SSA IG reports, particularly SSA about government agencies being weaponized against citizens for political reprisals. Compromised staff used SSA resources to harm the whistle-blowers and block their benefits because they helped halt one of the largest corruption schemes in modern American history.

This case is still an active case via many federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Some of the victims were cellular-level blood poisoned by exposure to toxic chemicals, compounds, powders and radioactive materials in their work environments for the Department of Energy projects. It is unclear if this poisoning was intentional “Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko-like” reprisal poisoning or accidental. The minimal Obamacare medical coverage the victims have does not fund the testing and treatment of Cesium, Thorium overdose, micro-particulant toxins, radical solvents, high energy EMF and the kinds of exotic materials that Department of Energy weapons and energy labs, that victims worked with, use in their locations.

While the victims benefits application was underway in one part of the federal building, on the upper floors of the same building, victims were assisting a federal crime investigation against powerful local and Washington DC politicians and their oligarch financiers, on other floors of that federal building, corrupt political officials were figuring out how to harm the victims and engage in reprisals.

From FBI-class federal investigators and private investigators, records prove that well known California Senate officials and well known White House officials ordered government benefits to be blocked, delayed, obfuscated, denied and otherwise harmed as political reprisal and retribution for the assistance the victims supplied to law enforcement.

Criminal forensic data has proven that digital manipulation of some of victims records and files did occur and that SSA computers are regularly hacked by many parties including the China ‘Cloud Hopper’ APT 10 group, currently under federal indictment, and hundreds of domestic attack groups, some of whom are hired by U.S. Senators. A number of California and Washington DC Senators and agency heads have already been arrested, indicted and/or removed from office in these matters.

Over 40 of the victims peers in this matter (Rajeev Motwani, Gary D. Conley, Seth Rich, Dr. Epstein’s wife, etc. ) are now dead from mysterious circumstances. Victims have received numerous death threats and have been personally attacked on multiple occasions including getting their cars rammed and drive-by death threats.

Some of those victims may have been murdered for whistle-blowing. Multiple senior government officials and Senators have been exposed hiring Google, YouTube, Fusion GPS, In-Q-Tel, PsyOps, Cambridge Analytica, ShareBlue, Media Matters, Black Cube, Gizmodo and other “kill services” to attack citizens in political reprisals. Books that cover some of these actions have been published including:

Catch and Kill By Ronan Farrow,,_Spies,_and_a_Conspiracy_to_Protect_Predators

Permanent Record By Edward Snowden,

Brotopia By Emily Chang,

Throw Them All Out By Peter Schweizer,

The Circle (Based on Google and Facebook) By David Eggers,

World Without Mind By Franklin Foer,

A Journey into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley By Corey Pein,

Disrupted By Dan Lyons,

Chaos Monkeys By Antonio García Martínez,

The Creepy Line By Matthew Taylor,

The Cleantech Crash By Leslie Stahl,

Congress: Trading Stock By Steve Kroft,

Congressional officials encouraged victims to sue the United States Government and the Department of Energy in a first-of-its-kind Washington DC lawsuit, which they did. In other words: The U.S. Government asked them to sue the U.S. Government in order to correct a corruption matter in a new strategy which could give citizens as much power as a Grand Jury. Their lawsuit made history and was a first-of-its-kind! The Secretary of Energy and his staff got fired because of it!

The lawsuit was financed by public interest community law groups as it benefited the public as well as the victims. It was widely covered in the mainstream press and network TV broadcasts. Victims were the first Americans to prove in federal court that domestic citizens had their federal funding applications influenced by political corruption and reprisal attacks. Victims had lost millions of dollars when they got defrauded by the U.S. Government officials when they asked the victims to invest in building a manufacturing company after they had already covertly promised the taxpayer funds to companies who the California and Federal officials owned the stock in, partied with and conduit-ed campaign finances through, as FBI and SEC evidence proves!

They won their case proving political corruption influences citizen applications for government funds and permanently posted the corruption expose documents on public record for the world to see. Their team made new legal court precedents and laws. There should be no question, by any government office, that victims benefits have been influenced by third parties who want revenge. The past cases create a precedent and millions of dollars of legal research is now posted on, and in National Archives, proving the assertions of crony political payola and reprisal attacks by government officials at government agencies. The victims have proven that there were massive conflicts-of-interest with past government reviewers in their case, including felony-class HIPPA violations wherein the medical records of others were exchanged for victims medical records.

M’, the pro-open-borders activist at the San Mateo SSA, his records prove his intent. In the recordings between victims and ‘M’ you can clearly hear him threaten and harass victims. IC-class digital Face-tracking via Clearview Face Tracking, Yandex, Google Image library, etc., of ‘M’ across the internet on his social media and photo album hits reveal much about him and his agenda.

The victims have posted online, and presented to the government, in writing and on hard drives, MILLIONS of pages of evidence from Congress, federal and private investigators, 60 Minutes and other famous journalists and witness testimony.

The complexity and volume of the case documentation in this matter is due to the fact that FBI, DOJ, GAO, SEC, CIA, CFTC, IG and other federal agencies, along with taxpayers, are both involved with, and in some cases assisting with, this case and they have a vested interest in the deep documentation of this matter.

To repeat the key point: The victims assertions are beyond reproach, and true, unless someone refuses to hear the truth due to a personal political agenda. This is a violation of their human, U.S. and California Constitutional rights. They earned their compensation and damages. ( ie: “Tamosaitis” , Maverick Transp., LLC v. U.S. Dep’t of Labor, Admin. Review Bd., 739 F.3d 1149, 1157 (8th Cir. 2014), Jury Awards Former Bio-Rad Counsel $11M in Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Case, Jury Awards Six Million Dollars to Whistleblower in Sarbanes-Oxley Case, Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Recovers Nearly $5 Million, JP Morgan SOX Whistleblower Wins $1.13M at Trial, etc…) and settlement records!

In similar related cases Terry Bollea has received $31 Million in court, Walter Tamosaitis has received $4.1 Million, etc. I have received nothing and been blocked from having proper legal representation. Most of the whistleblower retaliation statutes adjudicated, including the SOX, whistleblower protection provision, authorize compensatory damages.  Two recent decisions, one from the Eighth Circuit and the other from the ARB, indicate that a whistleblower can obtain substantial compensatory damages based solely on his or her testimony.

In Maverick Transportation v. U.S. Department of Labor, the Eighth Circuit affirmed an ARB decision holding that Maverick Transportation (“Maverick”), a trucking company, had retaliated against Albert Brian Canter, one of its drivers, for refusing to drive a truck that he believed was unsafe. Maverick Transp., LLC v. U.S. Dep’t of Labor, Admin. Review Bd., 739 F.3d 1149, 1157 (8th Cir. 2014). The truck in question had a chaffing brake hose and leaked steering fluid, conditions that substantially increased the likelihood of a catastrophic failure of the service brakes.

Canter sued Maverick under the whistleblower protection provision of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (“STAA”), which protects truck drivers who refuse to drive due to a reasonable apprehension that a vehicle is unsafe and may cause serious injury to the driver or the public. The ALJ awarded Canter $75,000 in compensatory damages for emotional distress, despite the fact that Canter offered no corroborating expert testimony. See ALJ Case No. 2009-STA-054 (ARB Oct. 28, 2010). In doing so, the ALJ noted that “the ARB has awarded damages for emotional and mental distress where the claims were unsupported by medical evidence.” Id. at 15. The opinion indicates that Canter’s testimony regarding his emotional distress was compelling:

  • Canter lost his appetite and experienced suicidal thoughts so severe that, on one occasion, he put a pistol to his head; as he started to pull the trigger, he moved his head out of the way and put a bullet hole through the ceiling and roof.
  • Canter’s receipt of debt-collection notices and calls from collection agencies caused him great distress.
  • Canter’s checking accounts were closed due to insufficient funds, and he owed bank fees and charges for overdrafts.
  • Canter was forced to vacate his home in Alabama and move in with his sister in Colorado in July 2008.
  • Canter could not visit his stepchildren because he could not afford to travel.


Maverick appealed to the ARB, which affirmed the ALJ’s determinations “as supported by substantial evidence and prevailing law.” ARB Case No. 11-012, 2012 WL 2588598, at *4 (ARB June 27, 2012). In petitioning the Eighth Circuit for review, Maverick argued that the award of compensatory damages for emotional distress was excessive because it was supported only by Canter’s testimony. The Eighth Circuit denied Maverick’s petition for review, noting that “[a] plaintiff’s own testimony can be sufficient for a finding of emotional distress, and medical evidence is not necessary.” 739 F.3d at 1157 (quoting Christensen v. Titan Distribution, Inc., 481 F.3d 1085, 1097 (8th Cir. 2007)). The Eighth Circuit also suggested that the ARB properly awarded compensatory damages based on the severity of the injuries, rather than on the type of evidence used to prove those injuries. See id. at 1157–58.

The ARB also recently affirmed a substantial award of compensatory damages based solely on a whistleblower’s testimony. In Fink v. R&L Transfer, Inc., the ARB affirmed the ALJ’s award of $100,000 in compensatory damages and $50,000 in punitive damages to a truck driver who was terminated for refusing to drive in unsafe winter weather. Fink v. R&L Transfer, Inc., ARB Case No. 13-018 (ARB Mar. 19, 2014).  In awarding compensatory damages, the ALJ relied on Fink’s testimony that, among other harms:

  • he had to seek public assistance to pay basic living expenses;
  • his family ultimately lost its home;
  • he had to borrow money from family members; and
  • he had difficulty sleeping, wondering how he would be able to support his family.

Id. In affirming the award of $50,000 in punitive damages, the ARB stated that “[a]n award of punitive damages may be warranted where there has been ‘reckless or callous disregard for the plaintiff’s rights, as well as intentional violations of federal law.’” Id. (citation omitted).

In addition to obtaining large compensatory damages awards at trial that are affirmed on appeal, some whistleblowers are obtaining substantial compensatory damages awards from OSHA. For example, in September 2013, OSHA issued an order requiring Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc., to pay $1.9 million to its former chief financial officer, who was fired for warning the board of directors about ethical and financial concerns raised by a proposed merger. In addition to awarding $486,000 in lost wages, bonuses, stock options, and severance pay, OSHA awarded the complainant more than $1.4 million in compensatory damages for pain and suffering, damage to career and professional reputation, and lost 401(k) employer matches and expenses.

Some of the federal whistleblower protection laws authorize an award of uncapped compensatory damages, including the Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower protection law, the False Claims Act whistleblower protection law, and the NDAA whistleblower retaliation law.  Recent jury verdicts indicate that compensatory damages can be substantial, and can even exceed one million dollars.

The following are some recent jury verdicts in whistleblower cases:

In 2014, we will likely start seeing more whistleblower retaliation appeals seeking compensatory damages. The changes to the law “may also lead to more addendum appeals such as claims for compensatory and other damages or attorney’s fees,” the MSPB warned in its latest Annual Performance Report and Plan. We will also start getting a better sense of the fiscal implications of the WPEA’s compensatory damages provision. At the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), agencies found to have violated anti-discrimination laws were ordered to pay $7.2 million in compensatory damages in cases closed in fiscal year 2011. The U.S. Postal service accounted for 51 percent of that amount, according to the EEOC’s latest Annual Report on the Federal Work Force.

BCC: White House, FBI, SEC, FTC, Congress, DE, GH, DC-DOc2

Authored via Wikipedia-like collaborative team-writing efforts


1. – Proof that state and federal employees, contractors and their silicon valley tech oligarchs engage in a rico racketeering law-violating organized crime which applicant was helping to interdict and that that crime group still exists, operates and attacks applicant to this date through SSA and other public offices

2. – Legal precedents and industry comps prove that the minimum annual salary and/or losses and or damages to Plaintiff per his experience, accomplishments, issued seminal government patent and industry awards and prestigious letters of recommendation have a minimum metric of $150,000.00+ per year

3. – Proof that the political whistle-blower reprisal, vendetta, revenge attacks against Plaintiff were so substantial and sophisticated that they could only have been undertaken by a state-sponsored entity and that SSA officials, at an even higher level than the SSA’s “Mario U” (One of the attackers identified) had to have participated in these illegal retribution attacks on Plaintiff.

4. – Banking records herein may not be removed from this hearing room or copied. they are for in-hand review by the judge as they could be used for further intelligence agency and political dirty tricks attacks on applicant by operatives. applicant is a well known inventor that investors form start-up companies and patent development ventures around based on hundreds of his designs and engineering developments. just as a construction developer forms an llc or a corporation for each building project. applicant is not aware of, or involved in the formation and operation of, those entities due to his dyscalculia.

5. – Proof that a state-wide/national black-list economic no-hire/no-fund list exists and that the financiers of SSA bosses run that list against whistle-blowers and crime witnesses such as applicant

6. – Proof that state and federal employees, contractors and their silicon valley tech oligarchs engage in a rico racketeering law-violating organized crime which applicant was helping to interdict and that that crime group still exists, operates and attacks applicant to this date through SSA and other public offices. Proof that part of these racketeering crimes involve trillions of dollars of Rare Earth mining scams in the Congo and Afghanistan.

7. – Proof that the amount of money in SSA benefits applicant receipts is out of touch with community standards and applicant’s decades of more than full time extensive work history

8. – Proof of the severity of the crimes that public officials, who were supposed to serve applicant, engaged in against applicant. the profits and benefits of applicant’s attackers pass through both senior federal and state agency officials and silicon valley tech oligarchs. this proves that public officials have liability for applicant’s damages by direct and indirect harm to applicant validated by forensic accounting of campaign finances, PACs, revolving door jobs and other incriminating data

9. – How the damages and losses against applicant are legally calculated using industry and case metrics

10. – Reiteration of applicants disabling conditions, noted to ssa since 2007, and never fully referenced in applicant’s entire SSDI historical records

11. – Proof that Plaintiff was attacked by White House Oval Office staff under White House orders using Google/Youtube and Gawker/Gizmodo who are the partners, financiers, media outlets, staff providers, employee/contractors and federal funds beneficiaries of the U.S. Government and California Government taxpayer funded treasuries. SSA is legally considered an agent, agency, representative and official of the U.S. Government and California Government by law.

12. – Proof that ssa already had applicants bank records since sent them to him on Nov. 17, 2020 from this SSA office

13. – Proof that the car that applicant traded the van for was covered by the van transaction and Applicant LOST money in the deal.

14. – Proof that SSA IS “The United States Government” and thus holds liability and responsibility for Plaintiffs damages, losses and rights

15. – Proof that applicant was a plaintiff class member in a historical federal lawsuit which proved he and his peers were abused by federal agencies infected with corruption. proof that white house staff had and have direct participation. proof that the nature of the crimes applicant was testifying about account for a reasonable validation of potential harm or death

16. – Proof that Plaintiff and his associates were intelligence and white collar crime investigators with expert knowledge of organized crime and corruption at San Francisco city hall and Congressional offices

17. – Proof that Plaintiff’s complaints since 2007 that “his SSA work record on the SSA computer does not reflect his actual work record” is justified and that Plaintiff has worked 60 hours per week non-stop since 1970 and that Plaintiff has exceptional credentials and that the failure of the SSA earnings record correction departments to respond to Plaintiff represent “extraordinary stone-walling”.

18. – Proof that every server, file and adjacent network in the SSA building and on every SSA network system has been hacked and can easily be manipulated, deleted and spoofed in a matter of minutes proving the ease with which attackers could have harmed Plaintiff’s SSA records

19. – Proof that SSA and state staff (ie: mario u., james brown jr, ken alex, etc.) manipulated applicant’s benefits rulings in order to harm him in political reprisal and demand for payment of damages

20. – Proof that the cash, profits and benefits of applicant’s attackers pass through both senior federal and state agency officials and silicon valley tech oligarchs. this proves that public officials have liability for applicant’s damages by direct and indirect harm to applicant validated by forensic accounting of campaign finances, PACs, revolving door jobs and other incriminating data

21. – Proof of the degree of toxicity that applicant was intentionally or accidentally exposed to in his work for the government

22. – Proof that the van which applicant was forced by SSA to live in, because SSA had blockaded his SSDI in political reprisal, was worth more than the car he was forced to trade it for and that applicant lost value in the deal

23.- Proof that government assigned SSA review doctors were using other people’s medical records as mine, in violation of federal HIPPA laws, were totally disorganized, and had a financial incentive to find against Plaintiff and FOR SSA because they are “paid to keep SSA from paying out..”

24 – Proof that applicant has made substantial effort to have his earnings record corrected, which should increase his monthly benefits but has received no response from ssa earnings corrections office and that, for example, this entire attached year was ignored.

25. – Two DATA DVD’s with video evidence on them including film: ‘POLITICAL CORRUPTION 101 – OPENING – MEDIUM.m4v”