By Driving a Tesla you are supporting, and involved in, ORGANIZED CRIME.

By Driving a Tesla you are supporting, and involved in, organized crime.
By Stanly W., Former Tesla Employee, Fremont California

As the weekly revelations emerge on the rigging of the DOE funding by the backers of a few insider car companies, any Tesla owner needs to make a decision. As the owner of a Tesla, you must now be aware of the nearly ten thousand news stories over the last 5 years documenting the cronyism, insiders, organized crime manipulations to acquire the tax dollars of the American public and artificially control the market via bribery and influence trading.

There is nothing novel or new about the electric car, it has been around since the 1800’s and Detroit Electric, GM and many companies have been selling far more novel electric cars for nearly a century. The only point you are making by driving a Tesla is that you are either rich and too stupid to read the news or you are corrupt and part of the crime. (Many Tesla investors were told to buy Tesla’s to create a fake volume of orders).

It has taken Tesla ten years to sell a few thousand electric cars, ZAP Motors in Santa Rose has sold many, many times more electric cars in a vastly shorter time with vastly, vastly less money in investments. Tesla, and Tesla owners, should be ashamed of how few cars have been sold, after so many years, and so much money of trying, “YOUR” taxpayer money given to a billionaire, who did not need it, in order to trick the stock market into thinking there was something there.

A number of consumer groups have national and international campaigns underway to inform every Tesla owner in the world about what Tesla really is. Tesla spends millions of dollars a month buying reporters, bloggers and news stories. Elon Musk spends over $320,000.00 a cycle buying PR services, GQ articles, 60 Minutes glory stories, etc. about himself, personally. Do you want to be told what to think by a PR machine or can you think for yourself? Can you look at the vast set of facts on this site, and hundreds of other of sites, and see the plain truth?

You saw the FBI kick in the doors at Solyndra on national TV, down the street from Tesla. You know that much, much more is going to come out. What has already come out is obvious to the prudent observer.

Federal investigators have been stonewalled, or ordered to put their investigations into slow-motion, in order to avoid embarrassing certain people. This is no longer tolerable. Buying justice or buying a lack-of-justice is really not how America was set-up.

You can buy many lower cost, more dependable, less likely-to-catch-on-fire electric cars than the Tesla, today, right now. You can buy cars from Ford, KIA and many other big companies that look just like a Tesla for $100K less. The only reason to buy a Tesla, now, is to tell the world that you are rich and crooked or rich and really, really ignorant of the news.

What is the solution:
Give your car back. Cancel your reservation. Don’t buy one. Demand indictments from Congress.